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Righteous of This Land / Iusti Eius Terrae

music:  Andrzej Krauze
libretto:  Justyna Fruzinska

In August 2009 the Municipality of Lodz commemorated the 65th anniversary of Liquidation of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto by the Germans. The oratorio "Righteous of This Land" constituted an important point of the commemoration whose Honour Committee included the President of Israel Shimon Peres, the President of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus, and the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk. Its first performance took place on August 27th, 2009, on the day of unveiling the statue of the Righteous Among the Nations in the Survivors’ Park in Lodz.
The concert “Righteous of This Land” is dedicated to those who were helping others during the Shoah, often risking their own lives. Its role is to help saving the deeds of the Righteous Among the Nations from disappearing from our memory.

The concert was performed by a 250-strong mixed and children’s choir, a symphonic orchestra, soloists, and a narrator. Its content is based on the Hebrew Bible (the Psalms) for lyrics and other sections related to the Righteous for the spoken parts.


1. Genesis / Liber Genesis
2. Creation / Creatio
3. The Thirty Six / Triginta sex
4. Song of the Earth / Cantus Terre
5. Eden / Hortus Eden
6. The Book of Ruth / Liber Ruth
7. Doubt / Dubitatio
8. The Flood / Diluvium
9. The Ten Righteous Ones / Decem iusti
10. Be Thou My Strong Rock / Esto mihi in lapidem fortissimum
11. The Book of Job / Liber Iob
12. Prayer / Supplicatio
13. The Righteous Are Our Hope / Iusti spes nostra
14. Righteous Among the Nations / Iusti inter gentes
15. Righteous of This Land / Iusti eius terrae

Performance and production:

Symphonic Orchestra of the Kalisz Philharmonic
conducted by Jacek Pawelczak
- Chamber Choir Vivid Singers,
- Mixed Choir of the St. Moniuszko Music School in Lodz,
- Mixed Choir of the “Lutnia” Singing Society in Zgierz,
- Academic Choir of the Medical University,
- Children’s Choir.
   Soprano – Dorota Wojcik   
   Mezzo-soprano – Agnieszka Makowka      
   Boy solo – Adam Khan
Narrator – Wojciech Walasik
Conductor: Jacek Pawelczak
Organizing and preparing mixed choirs: Dawid Ber   
children’s choir: Kamil Chalupnik
Idea: Andrzej Krauze
Direction: Wojciech Walasik
Script: Justyna Fruzinska, Andrzej Krauze
Visual effects: Maciej Walczak
Visual effects equipement – Sintel   
Sound effects: Andrzej Papajak
Graphic projects: Zbigniew Janeczek
Costumes: Anna Kuc, Elzbieta Rosiak
Sound system: Toya Studios    
TV production: Telewizja Toya   
Lights and execution: Mateusz Dudar „Audiomix”
Production and organization: AK Production, Krzysztof Wojciechowski, Andrzej Krauze